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NF/RO Membrane Systems

Membrane desalination technologies have been known to be an efficient method in water purification industry for many years and are developing at a significant pace. The technology improvement in reducing energy consumption and solving the biofouling problem has been substantial. The NF/RO systems produce various types of water in a wide range of capacity and raw water quality. This is a unique advantage of NF/RO systems. The most common brackish and seawater desalination technology today is NF/RO systems.

NF/RO Membrane System Applications

  • Potable water production from brackish and seawater,
  • Industrial water for boilers, cooling towers, electronic parts production, laboratory, etc.
  • Producing the water required for oil and petrochemical, mining, and chemical industries,
  • Ultrapure water for pharmaceutical industries,
  • Agricultural water production and wastewater reuse,
  • Pretreatment for EDI and ion exchange systems,
  • Acids and metals recovery.

NF/RO Membrane System Features

  • Full removal of hardness,
  • Ion removal over 99%
  • Full removal of bacteria, viruses, etc.,
  • Lower finished costs,
  • Fewer footprints.


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